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We have emerged as one of the leaders & largest manufacturer of precision springs.

We constantly strives to achieve maximum accuracy, consistency, flexibility and productivity at high volumes.

We strives to be the leader with advanced technology & specialized manpower since it’s inception in 1979.Our founder chairman Mr.Mahesh Shah (A renowned industry figure) had a very modest start with a few spring coiling machines & since then, as an expert manufacturer with over 40 years of experimental learning,VIKSON ensures production of the best quality products through continuous technological development.

We are commited to invest in a new advance technologies and strengthen it’s core business for value addition and progress of the industry.

We owns our success to highly trained professionals,engineers & skilled workers with the constatnt up-gradation of the state-of-the art machines.Today, VIKSON is able to meet the most precise needs and specifications of the customers, within time constraint.

With proactive ways of thinking and relentless efforts, We are committed to achieve quality leadership in it’s product range. It is continuous improvement in every aspect of business & our focus on QCDD;Quality-Cost-Development & Delivery,that today we become one of the most reliable source for quality springs,both in domestic as well as in international market.

We puts customer satisfaction as our top priority through total quality management in all it’s business processes.

Vision & Mission

“To be the most preferred global supplier for precision & quality springs to diverse industries.”

VIKSON SPRING PVT. LTD. Should be leaders in precision spring manufacturers by increasing customer base nationally and internationally by providing custom precision springs solutions with supreme quality, low cost, reliable and on time delivery with continuous improvement of technology, Common participation & training to our employees.


  • Became Green Channel Supplier/Direct Online Supplier for all our major MNCs and Nationalised companies because of our Quality Reliability
  • Received several awards for our excellent performance from our various customers
  • All Machines were made computable to carry CPK analysis online
  • CPK analysis is found > 1.66

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